BBC – the naked truth?

By Marcus Dysch
February 17, 2010

Charles Sale's Sports Agenda column in the Mail has been following for some time the investigation of a freelancer who allegedly sabotaged a Radio 5 Live interview with Wigan manager Roberto Martinez last year.

It has been a relatively dull case in all honesty. Someone somewhere does something naughty. Bosses aren’t happy, launch investigation to find culprit, blah blah blah.

Anyway, Sale now has leaked extracts from the findings of the investigation.

One line in his coverage today states:

“There is further concern about Jacobs [the freelancer] broadcasting naked during a shift last May without the correct permission.”

Er, sorry?!?! I know the health and safety wonks at the BBC are very particular, but please, someone tell me they don’t insist on people receiving “permission to broadcast naked”?

A slip of the keyboard from Mr Sale, or something altogether more weird? I think we should be told.


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