Back with a bang...

By Danny Caro
July 17, 2009

I know that football is a funny old game but saw the same GB Open football team go from the ridiculous to the sublime within the space of two days.

A poor display against France was followed by a top-class performance against the boys from Brazil of all teams.

It made me feel proud to be British as I know that this is how the team can play.

I still feel justified in my criticism of the same group following the France game but now the smile is back on the face of the players, the management and me. I could not be happier for everyone involved.

As Les Reed told me before the Games began, competition football is all about getting out of the group. Well, by hook or by crook we have done that.

As manager Jonathan Kestenbaum says, it’s about looking forward now, not back.

My list of superlatives against Brazil include tempo, work-rate, cohesion, commitment, drive, spirit and good attacking intent. We had the lot and on that display alone, we have become the team to fear which I much prefer to playing with fear.

The handbrake was well and truly taken off as the GB boys played with true British bulldog passion.

They showed how a 4-3-3 formation can work with the wide players providing the perfect foil to lone striker Paul Hakim. It was though I was watching a different team.

They followed their worst performance with their best. How do you explain that?

The test now is maintaining that level of performance but first things first, well done to Jonathan, Les, Ben Winston and all the players for getting part one of the job done.

The hunger and ability to climb three more steps if definitely there.


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