Arrested by the British for Blowing the Shofar at the Wall !!!

By Joshua18
September 14, 2010

I'll let Roger L Simon take up the story:

"Here are some courageous people I thought you might want to see during the Jewish High Holy Days.

This video puts in perspective Muslim and British “tolerance” during the era of British Mandate in Palestine. Put it down to Islam as “universal mind cult.” With the British all too willing to accommodate. The more things change, etc….

This is all, of course, consistent with Shariah, which regulates the practice of other religions under Islam. That is, also of course, inconsistent with our legal system. Should Shariah therefore be illegal in the US? There’s a question for Imam Rauf that I’m sure the media will not ask."

For the excellent YouTube video, follow the link to Roger L Simon's piece:


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