Apprentice is now down to the business end.

By Michael Sophocles
November 10, 2010

Week six has now come upon us and we have reached the half way stage of the competition.

Paloma aside, the people who have been fired up and till now have deserved to be get the boot.

Paloma was an example of a candidate who was incredibly able but perhaps too much hard work for Lord Sugar as she showed herself as a potential spanner in the works.

This week is all about advertising and the importance of brand when developing a product.

The task really does require restraint and imagination in equal measure and watching the candidates over the past five weeks there are some who I think will struggle to prove their worth.

After last week, Alex Epstein needs to show some sort of organic business ability. He has done nothing of note except whine and whinge to date and he has finally been flagged by the powers that be.

Epstein is matched by Sandeesh who is also on borrowed time. Sandeesh has lost confidence in her own ability it seems and is being marginalized by the more savvy and vocal candidates.

Stuart Baggs looks as though he is on good form tonight from the preview on the BBC website. I hope we see him produce some more aggressive outbursts and tactless blunders, as his team are by far the weaker of the two.

Let me know if you have any further thoughts about who will win the Apprentice and who makes you laugh the hardest.


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