Antisemitism on campus discussed at Nottingham

By Simon Friend
November 21, 2008

The chair of the All-Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism, John Mann MP, with Yair Zivan, campaigns director of the Union of Jewish Students, tackled contemporary antisemitism on campus this week in a panel discussion at Nottingham University.

Attended by around 65 students, Jewish and non-Jewish, including some prominent members of the Nottingham Palestine Society and the student union executive, the panel offered a challenging discussion over issues of whether anti-Zionism and anti-religious statements should be deemed threatening, alongside boycotts of Israeli goods and prominent Israeli academics.

Dani Orelowitz, of Nottingham University JSoc, said: "For such a large campus, it was very positive for us to be talking about the issues on our own terms, individual to this university." Mr Zivan said: "UJS is determined to continue to lead the fight against antisemitism on campus, and educating people is a key part of that effort. The message was positive around defining what antisemitism is and how all students can tackle it in their own personal way."


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