And this is our dictator range...

By Marcus Dysch
May 28, 2009

I’ve found myself working on some bizarre stories in my short career.

Meeting a chap who had a full-size replica cow dumped in his garden, interviewing a dog which had been banned from a care home and meeting Billie Jean King are all fairly high on the list.

But this week's case of a man complaining that his underpants featured an image of Hitler could be my new favourite.

In response to his complaint, Next, the company which was selling the offensive briefs, remarkably turned down the chance to say "who do you think you are kidding, it's not Hitler" (younger readers - ask your dad) and declared that it was in fact meant to be Lenin and not the Nazi.

I can sympathise with Mr Radomski’s concerns. His grandmother’s family were murdered at Auschwitz. Seeing a dictator superimposed on his underwear can’t have been pleasant.

Despite Next’s swift move to take the pants off the shelves, the complainant did not receive an apology or his money back - a bum deal, you might say…


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