Amy's kosher bling

By Alex Kasriel
January 29, 2009

Amy Winehouse has been in the papers again today during her never ending holiday in St Lucia. This time for wearing, well, not very much on top. I don't think I can post a link to the particular picture on this family friendly website but take it from me, she doesn't look bad for an alleged junkie/alcoholic.

Amy's magen david

Anyway, I'm actually more interested in what she is wearing on top which is a chunky magen david on a chain. The gold pendant is the Jewish girl's answer to 'ghetto fabulous' and is seen here, on another occasion, accessorised with a er, string vest and a plate of much needed tucker. People like having a go at Amy but you've got to respect her individual style, not to mention her multi-Grammy award winning music.

The magen david would go perfectly with this season's love affair with brights. I just want to know where I can get one myself to create the ultimate Jewish-hipster-whohasn't-lost-touch-with-her-roots look. Something tells me they don't stock them in Jerusalem The Golden though.


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