Alter ego scenario is pure genius

By Danny Caro
July 23, 2008

South African bowler Andre Nel, who was 12th man for the first test against England, recently revealed that he has an alter ego called Gunter.

This was one of the greatest insights into the mindset of a top sportsman I’ve heard for a long, long time. I think that top level sportsman need an alter ego to keep pushing them to the max.

Not for one minute do I think that I’m a top level sportsman but I believe that there’s a place for alter ego’s in Jewish sport. Psychology is a major part of cricket and one of my problems used to be thinking too much about the condition of the pitch or which star players the opposition had before the game.

One of my first coaches, Winston Benn, always told me to "hit the ball". I’m not quite sure why it’s taken me so long to heed his advice.

So… meet my new alter ego called Vince. Think loud American personal trainer and man movitavor. He lives on the mountains of Colorado and tells me to go out there and enjoy. And that’s precisely what I’ll do as there’s no point beating myself up about factors outside of the box.


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