Ahava: Another False Claim On What's Ours?

By stellasolomons
January 4, 2011

Codepink, agents provocateurs for the opposition, have just six hundred and eighty facebook associates over thier five pages, which isn't many considering facebook is international with its users in the billions. But even so, the website, obviously also international, remarkably, looks alot more bullish than that.


Nobody can steal what they already own: the Dead Sea Srolls are written in Aramaic, Greek - and Hebrew! I've even floated on the Dead Sea as a tourist.

Still, this blog is not being written in a mood of complacency so much as in confusion. Does Codepink come from the same crowd that occasionally puts fake Rabbis in among the pigeons? Is the Ahava issue like the Kotel and Rebecca's Tomb attempted claims?

Here's Codepink on facebook causes, an innovation.


Peace? If only there were no terrorists :(


Six Day War website.



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