A tale of two tragedies

By Jennifer Lipman
July 27, 2010

A small story comes out of Israel and reinforces just how difficult achieving peace with Hamas really is.

On June 14, an Israeli policeman was killed near Hebron.

Command Sergeant Major Yehoshua (Shuki) Sofer, 39 and due to be married three months later, died after militants opened fire on him and two others.

Shin Bet subsequently arrested members of a Hamas cell suspected of being behind the shooting. But as Ynet reports:

“One of the cell's heads said in his interrogation that just two weeks before he embarked on the attack, his six-year-old daughter was hospitalised in Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, where she had a tumor removed from her eye.

“The operation was funded by an Israeli organization.”

At Sofer’s funeral, his fiancée spoke of her pain and said her heart was “exploding”; a sentiment undoubtedly shared by anyone who has a loved one so cruelly snatched.

One tragedy avoided, another, deliberately caused.


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