A tale of two Edinburghs

By Marcus Dysch
June 11, 2009

Same city, same supposed 'problem', different answer.

The organisers of the Edinburgh International Film Festival should take note of the response from their friends down the road in Leith to pro-Palestinian pressure over sponsorship.

The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign warned the Leith Festival board that there would be leafleting and boycotting and more moaning due to Veolia's £3,000 grant.

Veolia are involved in the Jerusalem light-rail project, much to the SPSC's displeasure.

But their threats of disruption at Saturday's Gala Day events in Leith have seemingly fallen on deaf ears.

Festival chairman Gordon Munro told them where to go. Quite right too.

Compare and contrast his reaction - "the whole issue was news to us" - to the EIFF’s complete and utter capitulation after Ken Loach’s bleating last month.

A refreshing change, I'm sure you'll agree.

The hard-working people of Leith are obviously made of sterner stuff than their luvvie cousins in the city. Good for them.


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