A Street View with a Business View

By Candice Krieger
March 23, 2009

Yikes, Google has come under fire since launching Street View.
The application allows people to take a virtual tour of UK cities and access 360-degree views of roads and homes. Google has already been asked to withdraw images of people vomiting, being arrested and being pictured in close proximity of sex shops. Tony Blair's home has also been removed from the site.
Granted, there are privacy and intrusion issues, and the worry that we will become a nation of nosey neighbours and street spies. But surely it's not all bad.
Entrepreneur Anthony Eskinazi, who runs Parkatmyhouse.com - which allows property owners to rent out their driveways, garages and other pieces of land to drivers needing somewhere to park - shows there are business benefits to the site.
He writes an interesting blog:



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