A new low for the UK

By Aaron16
April 5, 2009

If we ever needed confirmation over the appeasement of Islamic extremism and of the UK's hatred of Israel; here it is.

This week, the Home office refused to comment and continued to allow the prescence of a senior Hezbollah fighter in the UK. He was welcomed into the open arms of the House of Commons, where he stood in and addressed the Grand Commitee room. I suppose this should be expected since the H.O.C boasts it's own terrorist in the form of MP George Galloway who has donated his own money to the internationally recognised terrorist organisation Hamas. Coming less than a week after the UK Home office confirmed that the legislation that would prevent ALL senior IDF officials from being arrested when entering the UK would NOT be passed, which in itself followed the detaining of right-wing, anti Islamic, Dutch MP Gurt Willders, we cannot help but fear the evident antisemitism and double standards that have, once again, found its way into the British Parliament. This is a worrying time for our community if our government can't face up to it's own history as it continues to appease Radical Islam.



Sun, 04/05/2009 - 22:02

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Have read your blog and thanks for the support. The problem we have is that the wider Jewish Community are unaware and not that interested.
Another march is a good idea - up to a point. The problems are firstly that Facebook generally appeals to a certain demographic - I am one of the few exceptions being 51 !
Secondly, unless the march culminates in a rally with powerful speakers on the platform it will be a waste of time, as was the last rally, appart from the Chief Rabbi, the rest of the speakers were a waste of space as was the compere. Unfortunatley, what was put up at that rally is indicative of the current Lay, Jewish leadership, it is weak and inefffectual with very poor PR representation, hence why, Corbyn, Galloway and their comrades are able to get away with their antics - as we, meaning the Jewish Community are doing nothing about it. Keep up the camapaigning, I have seen your Facebook page, but I am hoping that there are those out there in the Commmunity reading these blogs that have real financial and commercial clout and are prepared to back a proper campaign to deal with these very serious and real dangers.


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