A method for making friends with your local Methodists

By Rabbi Aaron Gol...
July 4, 2010

We must hope that our national faith leaders find paths of reconciliation, but what about us in the holiest road in Middlesex, Oaklands Gate!? And indeed in our homes and streets with our neighbours who are Methodist believers? This afternoon, I went to wish Sue Male, the Reverend of the Methodist Church in Oaklands Gate, ‘mazal tov,’ on her ordination at the same Methodist Conference. The Conference certainly got one thing right as Sue is a friend of our Community and to my mind understands how one can most affectively work towards a common purpose, just like the French football team of 98, working together.

Our common purpose is peace for everyone in the Middle East, Arab and Israeli, Christian, Jew and Muslim and all those who have found themselves to be living in one of history’s hot-spots. So how do we work together?




Sun, 07/04/2010 - 23:22

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I think that Robin Shepherd has a far better solution:

"If the Methodist Church is to launch a boycott of Israel, let Israel respond in kind: Ban their officials from entering; deport their missionaries; block their funds; close down their offices; and tax their churches."



Mon, 07/05/2010 - 10:03

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I prefer not to have a method for making friends with my local Methodists . Genuine friendship does not require " methods " ploys, tactics or any other such contrivance in order to gain favour or the confidence of another human being or group. Unlike you Rabbi ,I don't go along with the touchy feely tippy toee approach . However I would love to be a fly on the wall once you have packed away the cumbaye guitar and left your little outreach group . I'm sure it would be quite revealing .

I tend to go along with Joshuas'previous comment .Im sure most Jews who feel the same sense of utter outrage at the partisanship and political stance taken by the Methodists would be the same.
Still ,I appreciated the little play on words in the title - but not much more !


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