A Message to all 6th Formers...

By FZY Year Course
November 17, 2010

Written by Jodie Collett
15 November, 2010

As the years have gone by FZY has had numerous recruiters persuading people to go on Year Course. Some people know that Year Course is for them where as others are indecisive and need help making up their mind. I was one of those last minute people that completed my form after everyone else. It took a lot of questions that I ran over and over in my mind. What if I don’t like it? What if no one likes me? How can I cook, clean and even just live by myself!? This is something I could not comprehend.

I have now been on Year Course for 2½ months and I have never been happier or more proud with the decision I made. In the time I have spent here I have met people from all over the world, that already I know will be my friends for life. I have been so inspired by the lives in which Israelis lead and their courage to stand by what they believe. The way of life is something I never thought I’d experience before and it has really changed my perspective on the way I want my life to turn out. Spending two weeks taking part in army basic training gave me just a taster of what Israelis have to go through as well as volunteering on an army base for people with special needs showed me that there really is a place for everyone.

As well as all of this, living away from home out of my comfort zone and far from luxury at some points has made me such a strong and independent individual. There is no other programme which is so structured; there is always someone there if you need something, not just friends but your madrichim too.

If you are thinking about going on FZY Year Course, take this from someone that took the longest to make a decision, the person with the most questions and certainly the most stressing. It will be the best year of your life.


Avraham Reiss

Wed, 11/17/2010 - 19:17

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Reminds me very much of my first year in Israel, on kibbutz, quite a few decades ago.

I'm glad to see that someone or some organziation is still doing things right!

My decision to spend my life in Israel enhanced its a quality a thousand-fold. Compared to a comfy life in England, life here is for tough people, and I'm proud to be one of them. I have never, even for one tenth of a second, regretted my choices or the path I selected in life.


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