A Lordly Chief and a Deafening Silence

By Simon Rocker
July 15, 2009

The - some would say, long-overdue - elevation of the Chief Rabbi to the House of Lords has brought across-the-board congratulations from the Charedi Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations to Masorti.

Almost across the board, that is. Invitations from the JC to comment have so far elicited no response from the Reform or Liberal movements.

A sign of smouldering anger over the JFS affair, perhaps?


Lord Reith

Wed, 07/15/2009 - 21:10

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Probably still angry at him because of his disgraceful letter to the Orthodox over the late, great Hugo Gryn.


Fri, 07/17/2009 - 20:54

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My view is that this article is totally frivolous, and Simon Rocker uses it to drive a wedge between Reform and Orthodox Jews. Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks is not the Chief Rabbi of Reform Judaism, so why the fuss over the lack of response from the Movement for Reform Judaism?

I read his excellent article in this week's JC and instead of using his elevation to the peerage as yet another stick to beat Reform Jews with, we should all take notice of the message in the article - a message the Chief Rabbi has been sending for a long time - we should be proud to be citizens of this country where we have equal rights.

We should listen to him before it is too late, and join together with the indigenous population of this country to fight the common enemy we all face - Islamic extremism. He has always been against the false god of multiculturalism, quite rightly he had the courage to say that Jews were behind its inception - and now it is coming back to bite us. We should stop thinking only about what's good for us Jews. What's good for ALL British people is what is good for Jews.


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