A little introduction...

By FZY Year Course
November 17, 2010

Hello wonderful people!

If you are reading this then kol hakavod to you, I’m a pretty big fan of yours already!

My name is Emma Nagli and this is officially the first of many blogs that will come all the way from the FZY Bayit in Hendon, straight to your screen wherever you are in the world!

I am here to introduce myself to you as the new FZY Year Course Recruiter. So, my name’s Emma, 23 years old, from Harrow Weald, Middlesex. I have been involved in FZY since I was 13; with Sunday Stanmore Zerah meetings giving my FZY journey a kick start. I went on Ofek, then KBC, onto Kesher, and KBC again. These were followed by Tour in 2003 and then Year Course 05-06… A keano, I’m well aware know!
Year Course, by far the best year of my life to date, instilled in me the passion to lead camp (which I’ve now led for 4 summers both as a madricha and a rakezet) and to lead Tour in 2008. I was also involved year round whilst studying Advertising and Management in Birmingham.

The year post graduation was a big one for me, a rollercoaster ride to say the least. That year has put me where I am today, sitting at my Recruiter desk in the Bayit… I was a Year Course madricha in 2009/10 based in Jerusalem, Israel. This was certainly a year that I would not change for the world.

I decided to apply for the Year Course Recruiter position as I can’t seem to shake this love for the programme, what do you expect from someone who has essentially done it twice?!

Year Course is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, living in Israel for 9 months, thrown into experiences that you would never even imagine. Year Course provides you with so many opportunities in such a variety of fields, opening you eyes to different cultures and societies, providing you with lifelong skills, friendships and memories.

My little blurb above definitely does not do Year Course justice. This is why I urge you to follow me throughout the year on my blog. I will be using this as a tool to update you all on the Year Course programme, to give you advice and top tips… To really get you thinking about the best decision you WILL ever make!

Feel free to contact me through our website, www.yearcourse.org.uk, or directly on the number provided on the ‘Contact Year Course’ page. I am here to provide you with all the information that you need, to answer any questions that you have, and to give assistance with your application process!

Please do not hesitate to call!

Much love, Emma x


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