Barack Obama to visit Buchenwald

May 8, 2009

American president Barack Obama will visit the Nazi concentration camp of Buchenwald as part of his European tour at the start of June.

Mr Obama will visit the camp on June 5th, the day before he attends the 65th commemoration of the invasion of the Allied forces in Normandy.

A German government spokesman said Obama will “visit historical sites that represent different aspects of World War II – destruction and reconstruction, extermination and the break down of civilization.”

Although the U.S. administration has yet to confirm the trip, secret service units have already been sent to Germany to examine the security at places Obama is expected to visit during his trip, including Dresden.

He will be tracing the footsteps of his great-uncle Charlie Payne who participated in the liberation of the camp.

Last updated: 6:08pm, May 11 2009