By John Nathan, May 3, 2012

Lyttelton, National Theatre, London SE1

There is one man but many voices in Enda Walsh's 90-minute rampage through a psychotic's mind, with Cillian Murphy giving a compelling performance as an oddball Irish evangelist descending into insanity.

Murphy's Thomas Magill is holed up in a disused warehouse where he re-enacts recorded encounters with his hometown's "sinners". He inhabits each character, segueing from one to the other and switching between genders, until it seems that the entire town's population is on stage.

If the intention of Walsh, who also directs, was to transport us into the mind of an insane person, perhaps inevitably, he does not quite succeed. But we certainly get a sense of Magill's internal chaos and, for that, Murphy deserves, and will probably get, a hatful of acting awards. (Tel: 020 7452 3000)

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