Review: God of Soho

By John Nathan, September 8, 2011

Shakespeare’s Globe, London SE1

This contemporary, rambling, occasionally witty new work by Chris Hannan is set in the sex saturated heart of London's Soho. But it opens in Heaven where Big God (Phil Daniels) - a cockney geezer of a deity - is losing touch with all he surveys, including his daughter Clem, aka the Goddess of Love, who, spurned by her lover New God, falls to Earth where she rubs shoulders with the grubby groundlings fixated on shallow celebrity culture.

Hannan's target is not exactly original, nor are most of his observations. And as this whirligig of a show - directed with flare by Raz Shaw - unfolds, you begin to wonder what the Globe's artistic director, Dominic Dromgoole, saw in the script. Was it that with the talent-challenged celeb Teresa (Jade Williams) he saw a satire about our fame-obsessed times? If so Hannan deserves hardly any credit for hitting this barn door-sized target with unerring accuracy.

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