Dave Gorman's Powerpoint Presentation

Fine (Jewish) comedy

By Jennifer Lipman, August 22, 2011

Dave Gorman does Jewish humour very well. Which is surprising, as his audience quickly learns, because he’s not actually one of the funniest Jewish comics out there. He’s funny, sure. But Jewish? Or is he? What does Wikipedia say?

Without giving too much away, religion is just one of the subjects Gorman tackles with both panache and sarcasm.

He dives into everything from his wife’s cooking to the baffling logic behind deodorant advertising campaigns and the distinction between mischief and malice when it comes to social media. By the time he took on the Daily Mail's online readership, the audience was visibly exhausted from laughing so much.

Making good use of the technologies at his disposal, it’s a clever and memorable show. Jewish audiences will love it.

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