Review: Losing It: Ruby Wax

By John Nathan, March 4, 2011

Menier Chocolate Factory, London SE1

We're talking sanity not virginity, though Ruby Wax could no doubt be entertaining about losing either. The comedienne is accompanied here at the piano by fellow depressive and singer-songwriter Judith Owen, whose tunes director Thea Sharrock has threaded through Wax's fitfully entertaining confessional.

Our host waxes with seriousness and humour about marriage, ambition and the Jewish gene that made her the medicated mentor that she is today. It is easier to say that Losing It does good rather than is good. The frank, second half Q&A session with the audience reveals the show to be a de-stigmatising comfort for those who suffer from mental ill health.

(Tel: 020 7907 7060)

Last updated: 11:02am, March 4 2011