Review: Ordinary Days

By John Nathan, November 13, 2008


If, like me, you are partial to American musicals and view the presence of annoyingly self-regarding New York neurotics as a price worth paying to hear some decent songs, then give composer Adam Gwon a chance.

You will have to forgive that he has directed his talents to creating a New York cliché populated by characters who hang out at the Metropolitan Museum and who might not make it as a couple (yawn) or as friends (is that the time?). But wait.

Yes, you can hear Gwon's favourite composers in his music - Sondheim, Jason Robert Brown - but this show, well directed by Adam Lenson, contains song-writing that is sharp, witty, melodically inventive and terrifically performed. Julie Atherton and Kenneth Avery-Clark are the bickering couple, and Hayley Gallivan and the outstanding Lee William-Davis conduct the sensitive gay man/irritable girl relationship.

And OK, when they get together it is quite moving. I'm such a softie sometimes.

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