Rachel Stevens set for strictly sexy dance show

By Lara Lewington, September 4, 2008

Singer Rachel Stevens will be joining former England rugby player Austin Healey, model Jodie Kidd and political broadcaster John Sergeant in the new series of BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing. You may think that, having spent many years in SClub7, dancing isn't much of a challenge for her, but apparently it is. She says: "Just because you've been on stage doesn't mean you can dance. For the first time ever, I'm doing something completely on my own and it's scary. I would be thrilled if I won, but I can't think that far ahead. I'm looking forward to the sexy dances like the rumba." I'm sure she won't be the only one looking forward to them.

Aaron Sorkin, co-creator of hit TV show The West Wing, is writing a movie about Facebook. The film will tell the story of the networking website from its 2004 creation through to the web phenomenon it is today. The site, started by student Mark Zuckerberg with the help of his two pals, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, now has 100 million users and is worth an estimated £8 billion. Sorkin's research includes setting up his own Facebook page, which says: "I understand there are a few other people using Facebook pages under my name, which I find more flattering than creepy - but this is me." But is Sorkin really the man for the job? He admits that even his grandmother has more "internet savvy" than he does.

Victoria Beckham's range of tattoos are not only decorative, but a linguistic aid too. According to The New Yorker, she recently held forth on the Hebrew lettering which adorns the back of her neck. "It's in Jewish," she explained.

Could Sarah Michelle Geller really be to blame for a decline in the number of UK women going to church? A study suggests that her character, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, could well be part of the problem, blaming the show for promoting female empowerment - and encouraging witchcraft.

Katie Price's books have been selling faster in the UK than JK Rowling's Harry Potter stories. The glamour model-turned-author has clocked up £17 million worth of sales over the past two years, having flogged over two million books. Her latest book, Angel Uncovered, is at the top of the hardback sales chart.

Congratulations to TV comedy producers Dan Patterson and Mark Leveson. Their satirical panel show Mock the Week is now more popular than Big Brother. Last week's edition on BBC2 was watched by 3.3 million viewers, while Channel 4's showcase reality show netted only 3.2 million. This ratings success comes after both Patterson and Leveson contributed pieces to the JC. Some people will say this is merely a coincidence.

Mensch alert. Neil Diamond felt so bad about his voice being barely audible at a gig in Ohio due to inflamed vocal chords that fans who had paid up to £60 per ticket were given their money back.

Concerns for the wellbeing of Rhys Ifans have been raised after the actor was seen giving a Hitler salute during a drunken night out in Ibiza. An onlooker told the Mirror: "Rhys was on a serious mission to get hammered. The real low point came when Rhys was confronted by a fan and suddenly launched into his own drunken version of the goose step. He made a heil Hitler salute and then burst into hysterics." The strain of being dumped by Sienna Miller in June is clearly taking its toll, and we can only extend our sympathy and inquire about the availability of professional help.

Lara Lewington is the Five News showbusiness and weather presenter

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