Now Jonathan Ross embarrasses his wife

By Lara Lewington, November 6, 2008
Jane Goldman: red-faced?

Jane Goldman: red-faced?

Following his 12-week suspension from the BBC, Jonathan Ross is likely to be spending a lot more time with his Jewish wife, writer Jane Goldman, and their three children. But whether or not he has received a warm welcome in the family home is questionable after some of the revelations in his ironically titled autobiography, Why Do I Say These Things? One particular story is likely to leave Mrs Ross with a face as red as her hair. The controversial TV presenter describes how his wife of 20 years rises from a conjugal "quickie" on the floor during a moment when the children were out of the house, with a Sticklebrick stuck to each buttock. Nice. 

 After putting her nuptials on hold to take part in Strictly Come Dancing, the gorgeous Rachel Stevens and her fiancé Alex Bourne are set to wed next autumn. Stevens told OK! magazine that guests won't go hungry at the wedding, "We're both real foodies so [there'll be] lots of food." And it seems that Bourne knows what an enviable position he is in to be marrying a woman who has often topped sexiest girl polls. "I won't be able to take my eyes off her - she's going to be the most beautiful bride," he says.

 Hotel Rwanda star Sophie Okonedo has spoken of how her role in her new movie, The Secret Life of Bees, caused her more than a few blushes. The actress, who does not consider herself a singer, wasn't feeling too confident when her part required her to sing in front of her chart-topping co-stars. The actress, born to a Jewish mother and Nigerian father, said at the film's premiere: "It was highly embarrassing. Really, really embarrassing. I'm not a singer. All night the night before I was thinking: ‘I've got to sing in front of Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson and Queen Latifah!' I wouldn't even sing in front of my own mum."

 Most celebrities settle for bringing out their own fragrance. But Stephen Fry has gone further and created his own ice cream. After filming at the Ben and Jerry's factory for his BBC1 show, Stephen Fry in America, the actor is soon to receive a batch of the ice cream flavour he invented there. Viewers saw him mix together chocolate, walnuts and vanilla ice cream to create what was dubbed "Even Stephens". If he needs a second opinion, I'm more than willing to taste some.

 Speaking of his time directing the recent BBC show Little Britain USA, David Schwimmer says: "I love Little Britain - those guys are the best. David [Walliams] and Matt [Lucas] are so talented and I had a blast doing it. Hopefully, we'll be back with more." But don't for a moment think he's quitting acting for his new-found career as a director. "I'm doing both and I hope to be doing both for another 40 years."

 After a third instalment of High School Musical, heartthrob actor Zac Efron may have thought he'd done enough to graduate from the franchise. But no - news comes that he is set to appear in a fourth HSM movie. But the 21-year-old is being allowed to do some extra-curricular work too - he is being signed up to star in a remake of 80's dance flick Footloose, and to appear alongside Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

 Welcome to the tribe, Margo Stilley. The American actress who is famous for having real-life sex in the movie 9 songs, is converting to Judaism. Stilley, brought up a Baptist, says she is attracted to Jews' "strong sense of family and history".

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