Lindsay and Sam on the lookout for a dad

By Lara Lewington, September 12, 2008

Only a few weeks ago I told you that Hollywood bad girl Lindsay Lohan and Mark Ronson's sister, Sam Ronson, were planning to tie the knot. Now a source has revealed to The News of the World that the lesbian lovers are already talking about having children. But rather than adopting, Lohan would like to ask one of her ex-boyfriends to help out. With that in mind any, of her former squeezes, including ladies' man Calum Best, could be expecting a call soon.

 Letting Joan Rivers loose on TV or radio is always a bit of a risk - remember her outburst on ITV1's Loose Women when she referred to Russell Crowe as a "f****** s***"? This time, in an interview on GMTV, she managed to lay into Angelina Jolie. "Well, I've worked with stupid actresses - I've worked with Angelina Jolie. She saw a sign that said: ‘Wet floor' one time, and she did! I mean she's attractive, but not a bright girl. Stunningly beautiful but stupid."

High School Musical heartthrob Zac Efron has told of the difficulty in protecting his private life. Speaking of the constant spotlight he lives under. The 20-year-old actor told Teen Vogue: "I'm growing up under a magnifying glass, and I just try to rise above it and live my life. You don't realise until it's gone, but it is so important to feel normal. I'm not going to complain. But it's something I'm learning to cope with."

Actress, Natalie Portman has decided to take up a spot of directing. The Star Wars star explains: "I was always interested in trying to write and direct. We have so much time off between filming as actors that we tend to get restless and we want a creative outlet. There is not always acting work that fulfils that need." The venture seems to have been a success. At the Venice Film Festival opening of her directorial debut, Eve, hundreds of people were queuing around the block to get in. The short film stars Lauren Bacall, a fact about which Portman is pretty chuffed, "The fact that she agreed to do this was a wonderful, wonderful surprise. She can do anything. She has so much to offer. She's so remarkable. It is so exciting to see someone with that much experience and that much wisdom on screen and it's rare." But Portman will not be getting too big for her boots any time soon though. She said her experience has given her a "whole new respect" for directors, admitting that she would probably need to do some more acting before directing a longer film.

Dasha Zhukova, the daughter of Russian property tycoon Alexander Zhukov, and girlfriend of Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich, hardly needs to work for a living, but that is not stopping her bidding for Abramovich-style success in the art world. Ahead of the opening of her Moscow gallery, The Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture, she has put up the money for a joint venture with London's Serpentine Gallery, which will see her supporting its annual summer party - one of the highest profile events in the social calendar. Zhukova told the Evening Standard, "I really love the philosophy behind the Serpentine Gallery. It is always quite innovative and open to different cultures. This is really a partnership that is being established. We're focused on thinking of how we can work together in the future."

Lara Lewington is the Five News showbusiness and weather presenter

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