Hubby’s out of jail, but Amy’s not celebrating

By Lara Lewington, November 13, 2008

Amy Winehouse's hubby, Blake Fielder-Civil, is fresh out of jail and has charmingly declared his intention to resume conjugal relations at the earliest possible opportunity. However, the News of the World has revealed that Winehouse may not be best pleased with the prospect. A source told the paper: "For the first time ever her mind has been on the notion of divorce. She's fed up with her husband's lies and feels he's very devious and manipulative. Once she hung on his every word, but now he has to fight for her attention." And Winehouse's mum, Janis, has claimed that Fielder-Civil, who was jailed in relation to an attack on a pub landlord, didn't even tell his wife he was being released. "That says it all really, doesn't it?" she was quoted as saying. "Who knows what will happen between them? But I think the fact she hasn't run straight to him now he's out is positive." In fact, on leaving prison, Fielder-Civil headed straight for rehab so the couple haven't had the chance to cosy up just yet anyway. Meanwhile, the CEO of Winehouse's record label, Universal, has described her new material as "sensational". Well, he wouldn't say that, wouldn't he?

 Poor old Andrew Sachs. Jonathan Ross may be suspended from the BBC and Russell Brand was driven to quit, but still no grandparent deserves the never-ending exposure of their beloved grandaughter's sex life - a fact that even Georgina Baillie, a member of the burlesque group Satanic Sluts, agrees with. The 23-year old told a documentary on Five: "I was really embarrassed because my grandparents aren't supposed to think of me as someone sexual, they're supposed to think of me as a nice girl." She also admitted the whole affair had put "a lot of strain on our relationship as a family". Really? I thought her parents and grandparents would be so proud.

 Barbra Streisand has praised the American people for voting for Barack Obama and believes his win in the US presidential elections has made America more popular across the world. An Obama campaigner and long-time Democrat supporter, Streisand said: "I am so proud of our country... miraculously overnight we have regained the respect of the world. From England to Africa, people are celebrating." All may not be sweetness and light in the Streisand household, however. Her step-son, Josh Brolin, has revealed that the singer was not particularly chuffed at his role as President George Bush in the new film W. Brolin told The Times: "She was furious and would not talk to me. I kind of liked that one."

 Ben Stiller has talked of how having two young children affects his choice of movie roles - as he'd like his films to be something he can share with his little ones. At the LA premiere of his latest flick - Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, he said: "You just become aware of movies that you can watch with your kids and if you have the option to do some, then that's a good thing." So Ben, how do you account for Meet the Fockers then?

 Bad news for Li-Ro. That's Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson to the uninitiated. Ronson, who is the Hollywood star's girlfriend and sister of celebrity record producer Mark, is upset at the new ban on same-sex marriages in California. "Sad and frightening" is her verdict on the move.

Lara Lewington is Five News showbusiness and weather presenter

Last updated: 3:30pm, September 22 2009