Efron attacked by fan, killed off by a journalist

By Lara Lewington, October 17, 2008

High School Musical star Zac Efron was attacked in London's West End when a middle-aged man, said to be a deranged fan, reportedly dragged the hunky actor to the ground. Efron, visiting the UK for the premiere of High School Musical 3, was out with his on- and off-screen girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens when the man struck. The pair had just been to see Josh Hartnett perform in the stage production of Rain Man, when the attacker rushed up to them, breaking into a tirade of abuse and grabbing Efron by his hair. It happened at such speed that not even Efron's security man could prevent it. Only days before, a foreign newspaper article had falsely reported the actor had died. The 20-year-old heart throb told The Sun what it was like to read about his own death: "I was really shocked to find out - and my mom was real upset too when I called and told her." On a positive note, there's good news for Efron fans who may have missed their glimpse of the real thing at the Leicester Square premiere of HSM3 - a life-size waxwork has been unveiled at Madame Tussauds in London.

 X Files star David Duchovny is out of rehab, where he was being treated for sex addiction. Following his voluntary stint at the clinic, his lawyer told Reuters news agency: "He is out and will very soon begin work on his new movie." He is set to star alongside Demi Moore in comedy drama, The Joneses. Ironically Duchovny, who has been to married to fellow Hollywood star Tea Leoni for 11 years, won a Golden Globe earlier this year for his role as the sex-obsessed character Hank Moody in TV show Californication.

 X Factor's Louis Walsh has predicted that former fellow judge Sharon Osbourne will make a comeback - replacing Dannii Minogue. The younger and rather loveable Cheryl Cole, who filled the gap left by Osbourne, has proved a big hit, so the finger is pointing at Kylie's little sis as the one to make way. The papers have been awash with rumours - and now Walsh is fuelling the fire, declaring: "Obviously Dannii would be the one to go - having Sharon and Cheryl Cole on the show together is too good an opportunity to miss." Osbourne had quit the show before the current series, apparently following backstage tensions. Walsh added: "The thing about Sharon is she can't be controlled. At the moment Simon has three judges who, let's face it, he controls." Well, he said it.

 Pals Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson clearly don't see eye to eye on everything. I told you last week of Portman's negative attitude to marriage but support of monogamy - and this week Johansson has admitted she feels the exact opposite. The sexy actress has only just wed her actor beau, Ryan Reynolds, but has declared: "I'd never want to be in an open [relationship], but I don't think monogamy is a natural instinct for human beings. Monogamy can be hard work for some people. I don't think it applies to everyone and I don't think a lot of people can do it." Like all celebrities she's been, yawn, moaning about her comments being misinterpreted by the press, saying that whenever she mentions her private life "it always ends up kicking you in the face". Advice to Johansson - stop talking about it.

 Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal have been devastated by the split of their parents, Naomi and Stephen. "Nobody saw this coming," one insider told in Touch magazine. "The family is completely distraught." But on the upside, the break-up has spurred Jake into cementing his relationship with Reese Witherspoon. "He and Reese have been talking about marriage a lot lately," the insider said.

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