Dani can Behr anything if she’s hungry

By Lara Lewington, November 20, 2008

Acracking start for Dani Behr on I'm a Celebrity... succeeding in her first task and winning food for the whole camp of stranded celebs. The 34-year-old Behr, who shot to fame over a decade ago when she presented cult TV show The Word, and since has married a surfer and become mum to two kids, wisely gorged on chocolate before heading out to the Australian jungle, commenting that "I gather you lose quite a bit of weight" out there. Or maybe not in her case. She went on to say: "If food is at stake, I'm going to want to eat it, even if it is kangaroo balls."

 Since the Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand saga blew up, Andrew Sachs hasn't spent much time out of the headlines. As though Manuelgate hadn't been enough drama, the ex-Fawlty Towers star is apparently heading for the cobbles of ITV's Coronation Street. The role of the brother of shop assistant Norris Cole is being created for him next year. Have Corrie's producers cast Sachs because he's been in the news? Well, possibly. Apparently, Sachs's agent contacted the soap's execs before the whole Ross/Brand scandal had emerged. But as a source told The Mirror: "I suppose that without the row over the phone call, the agent's letter might have gone unnoticed. But I think they hope they can work the part of Norris's brother into the script. Andrew is a fantastic actor and I think the chemistry between him and Norris could just be fantastic."

 Barmy Amy Winehouse had an unprompted rant about the judges on X Factor after a fan rung her doorbell. A fan turning up on your doorstep might be rather unsettling but why it would bring on an outburst about Simon Cowell and co remains unexplained. According to the News of the World, she not only referred to Louis Walsh as a "fool with no personality", she also attributed "everything that's wrong in the world" to Simon Cowell. The other judges didn't escape unscathed either. "I love Cheryl [Cole]. She fancies me I'm telling you," the singer observed, although without advancing any evidence for her view. And Dannii Minogue was accused of being guilty of "candyman sweet" descriptions of contestants. All this is bizarre, even by Winehouse standards. But weirdest of all is that party animal Amy is in watching telly on a Saturday night.

 John Sergeant has left Strictly Come Dancing, probably to the relief of Rachel Stevens who has a serious chance of winning the dance contest. She told The Mirror of the rejection she felt when Sergeant - who was very popular with viewers, but in possession of two left feet - was saved by the public vote while she - not only more pleasing on the eye, but considerably more graceful on her pins - was left to fight for her place in the dance-off. "It's not frustrating. It's more... it's just horrible," she said. "You know, John's having his own personal journey just as much as anyone else. He's having a good time. He's very entertaining and lovable. He's just himself and I think people connect with that. And all this fuss might be helping him win more votes." Not any more, Rachel.

 A-list celebrities gathered to pay tribute to Ben Stiller at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York, and the comedy actor/director probably wished they hadn't. In front of guests, including Sean "Diddy" Combs, Tom Cruise, Mike Myers, Steven Spielberg and Judd Apatow, Robert De Niro revealed that Stiller was, em, not terribly well endowed in the underpants area. De Niro claimed his Meet the Parents co-star had exposed his deficiency when he had to pull on a pair of swimming trunks in the 2000 comedy. He said: "You expect him to be flabby and pale. But he's actually totally buff. But he overcomes this contradiction by having a really tiny..."

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