In tune with the East End

By Jessica Elgot, June 10, 2010

The Jewish Community Centre has commissioned three composers, one Jewish, one Muslim and one Christian, to write works to be performed at the Spitalfields Music Summer Festival in London's East End this weekend.

The Radio 3 presenter and world-music fanatic, Max Reinhardt, has taken on the challenge of writing a piece inspired by the area's Jewish history, which he has called Fifth Quarter.

"The 'fifth quarter' is the invisible quarter of the city, the place that the rest of the city would rather ignore. But it's also the most creative corner, where the most exciting things have happened," he says.

"I looked at the parts of the area's Jewish history which interest me the most. I looked at how the area is passed on from immigrant to immigrant, and the businesses which still survive, in different hands. There are buildings which have gone from being a church to being a synagogue to being a mosque.

"And that's the story of the area, summed up."

Fifth Quarter is one of three new works to be performed at Shoreditch Church, London E1 on June 13 at 10.30am. Entry is free

Last updated: 11:33am, June 10 2010