Off White Lies

By Jenni Frazer, November 16, 2012

Maya Kenig's scratchy father and daughter comedy (and that's a bit of a push) is set in the opening days of the Lebanon war of 2006 and features a feckless Shaul, played with disturbing accuracy by Gur Bentvich, and his confused 13-year-old daughter Libby, played by Elya Inbar.

Shaul and Libby's mother are apparently long divorced when their daughter arrives in Israel, fresh from California, to stay with her father. But Shaul has managed to conceal the fact that he no longer actually has anywhere to live; instead he has a storage facility in which he keeps most of his belongings, and the rest of the time he bums off whomever he can - an old girlfriend, old army buddies.

It's when Shaul's accommodation options run out, and he and Libby end up in a bomb shelter in the north, that he hatches a cunning plan. People in the centre of the country are taking in "refugees" from the north. Why shouldn't he and Libby be refugees, too?

And so the ill-matched pair arrive in a wealthy home in Jerusalem and proceed to take every member of the family for a ride - or is it the other way about?

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