Never Apologise

By Gerald Aaron, September 4, 2008

★★★★✩ (15)

Film buffs are in for a real treat watching director Mike E Kaplan's engaging, fascinating and happily straightforward film record of Malcolm McDowell's one-man-show at the 2006 Ojai Film Festival.
Standing alone on stage, McDowell intensely recalled his formative experiences with legendary British director Lindsay Anderson who brought him cinema stardom 40-odd years ago with the classic British movies If and O Lucky Man!.

McDowell is terrific, speaking wittily and/or seriously with equal conviction, slipping in and out of characters with deceptive ease and bringing a host of great names from Laurence Olivier to John Ford to life. I enjoyed every single minute of McDowell's winning recreation of rampant luvviedom and life behind the scenes at the movies.

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