Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging

By Gerald Aaron, July 25, 2008

Cat-haters apart, it is hard to see why anyone should dislike director Gurinda Chadha's amusing coming-of-age tale.

Chadha enjoyably reinvents the Hollywood genre of teenage romance, angst and bitchery and relocates it to Eastbourne. Georgia Groome is enchanting as a 14-year-old (also called Georgia) who is lumbered with parents (Alan Davies, Karen Taylor) who are embarrassingly given to kissing each other. She seeks romance in the lithe shape of new school arrival Robbie (Aaron Johnson) who, fortunately, is a cat-lover, which is where Angus- Georgia's family pet feline - comes in.

Georgia's romantic aspirations and family problems make for an enjoyable experience, Chadha's direction is sensitive, and the teenagers on view are a credible and attractive bunch. And I particularly liked Chadha's amusing homage to her celebrated film Bend it Like Beckham when Jas asks: "How's the hair?" and Georgia responds: "Very Keira Knightley."

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