Baby Mama

By Gerald Aaron, July 25, 2008

"I want a baby now - I'm 37," states Tina Fey's Kate Holbrook, eliciting the understandable response from her dinner partner: "Too much information for a first date."

Smart, acidly amusing dialogue is a considerable strength of writer-director Michael McCullers' entertaining comedy, which, while clearly a perfect chick flick, should also amuse male audiences. Kate, told she has only a one in a million chance of conceiving, engages working-class ne'er-do-well Angie (Amy Poehler) to be a surrogate mother. Angie leaves her oafish husband and moves into Kate's classy apartment, sparking a charming and funny Odd Couple relationship.

The film's outcome may never really be in doubt, but Fey's and Poehler's memorable double act give plenty of pleasure along the way.

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