Brave attempt at portraying a lonely downfall

By Grant Feller, February 4, 2016

General release


“I didn’t decide to take on the Catholic Church. I decided to pursue a story"

By Stephen Applebaum, January 29, 2016

One of the hottest contenders for the Best Picture Oscar is Spotlight, which tells the powerful, true story of how the eponymous team of investigative reporters at the Boston Globe newspaper exposed a decades-long cover-up by the Catholic Church to protect priests guilty of sexually abusing children.


Caine’s youthful exuberance

By Grant Feller, January 29, 2016

General release

This is a film about loss - of talent, beauty, love, dignity, desire and companionship. But don't let that put you off. For Youth is also utterly riveting, a Fellini-esque homage set in an Alpine hotel-spa where a youthful spring has sprung and the hills - literally (believe me!) - come alive to the sound of music.


Review: The Big Short

January 21, 2016

Probably the funniest exchange in The Big Short, a star-studded faux documentary/drama played for laughs, comes when a rabbi confronts one of Wall Street's most notorious figures - as a child. The grown-up Mark Baum, as played by Steve Carrell, is an investment cynic on an apparent mission to expose, destroy, and get rich from the system.


Raw beauty of Leo’s endurance

By Grant Feller, January 14, 2016

The Revenant, 15General release

First, don't believe the hype - The Revenant is not really a Western in the conventional sense. Instead, it's a rather old-fashioned adventure story of human endurance, battling the elements, seeking revenge and trying to establish a code of honour in the wilderness.


A film that’s become more urgent than ever

By Stephen Applebaum, January 14, 2016

Last Sunday, Son of Saul became the first Hungarian entry to win the Golden Globe for best foreign language film.


Bewitched by Bardot's beauty

By Grant Feller, January 4, 2016

Le Mépris, 15Selected Cinemas

Has there ever been a satire more bewitching, a disintegrating relationship more captivating, and a film as beautiful as it is intelligent?


'Shoah', the film that changed Israel for ever

By Jonathan Freedland, December 16, 2015

Outside, it was burningly hot, the skies clear blue. But, inside, there was only darkness.


How to enthral a new generation and keep loyal fans? Just ask a Jedi

By Grant Feller, December 16, 2015

Here’s a novel way to review a film – I’m not going to tell you what happens. Partly because I’ve been told not to by Disney, the makers of the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, who want cinemagoers to discover the plot for themselves. It’ll be more magical that way, and Walt loved his magic.


Breaking free from my own Groundhog Day

December 3, 2015

What brings you to The Jewish Comedy Festival JW3 in London?

I was asked. I spent many years not being asked to do anything. Yes, it is exciting to come to London and perform but being asked was the key. And good things almost always come from saying yes.

How did you manage to get asked in the first place?