Funny but overwhelming: Jesse Eisenberg turns from screen to page

By Anne Garvey, September 24, 2015

Bream Gives Me Hiccups By Jesse Eisenberg
Grove Press, £14.99


Translation of a Nobel winner

By David Herman, September 24, 2015


By Patrick Modiano
(trans: Mark Polizzotti)

Maclehose Press, £14.99

So You Don't Get Lost in the Neighbourhood

By Patrick Modiano (trans: Euan Cameron)
Maclehose Press, £14.99


Anthony Horowitz: How James Bond has unsettled my life

By John Nathan, September 17, 2015

You find me at a slightly odd time," says Anthony Horowitz, somewhat apologetically. It is the end of the interview and the author of the latest Bond novel, Trigger Mortis, the Alex Rider novels, two recent Sherlock Holmes novels, ITV's Foyle's War and New Blood, a forthcoming BBC 1 spy series, has had a rough week. "A week ago, you would have got a much better interview," says Horowitz.


Review: The Hotel Years

By Stoddard Martin, September 17, 2015

By Joseph Roth
Granta, £16.99

Late in his short life Joseph Roth deliberately spoiled a pair of trousers which his better-off Viennese fellow-writer Stefan Zweig had bought for him. Loth to accept charity, he died an alcoholic early in 1939.


Review: Goodbye East End

By David Herman, September 17, 2015

By David Merron
Corgi, £6.99

Since the 1970s, a powerful genre has emerged: novels and dramas about child evacuees during the Second World War. Some of the best-known titles are Nina Bawden's Carrie's War, Jack Rosenthal's The Evacuees and Michelle Magorian's Goodnight Mr Tom.


Review: A Want of Kindness

By Kate Saunders, September 10, 2015

By Joanne Limburg
Atlantic, £14.99

Queen Anne has always been rather a wallflower of a monarch when it comes to historical fiction.


Review: Forbidden Love in St Petersburg

By David Herman, September 10, 2015

By Mishka Ben-David
Halban Publishers, £10.99

Mishka Ben-David abandoned a PhD in Hebrew literature to join the Mossad. His most famous assignment was a botched attempt to assassinate Hamas's leader, Khaled Meshaal. After 12 years, he left and became a thriller-writer. This is his second novel to appear in English (it was originally published in Hebrew in 2008).


Broken on the Inside: Memory from the inside out

By David Herman, September 2, 2015

Broken on the Inside, by Simon Hammelburg, was originally published in Holland in 1996. At the beginning of this new version (Aerial Media, £16.99) we are told that it "may be read as a novel" and that "it is based on 1,200 interviews with Holocaust survivors and their children".


A Game For All the Family : An intricacy of playfulness and untruths

By Anne Garvey, September 2, 2015

A Game For All the FamilyBy Sophie Hannah
Hodder & Stoughton, £14.99
Reviewed by Anne Garvey

Mistress of malign suspense in her many detective novels, creator of charming poetry, already firmly placed in the GCSE syllabus, Sophie Hannah has a load of arrows in her quiver.


Lively but flawed analysis of why and how the Holocaust could have happened

By Bernard Wasserstein, September 2, 2015

Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and WarningBy Timothy Snyder
Bodley Head, £25
Reviewed by Bernard Wasserstein

The term "Black Earth" is often used to designate the rich agricultural areas of southern Russia.