Unsuccessful search for Hitler's humanity

May 6, 2016

Hitler: Volume 1:Ascent 1889-1939
By Volker Ullrich
Bodley Head, £25
Reviewed by Ben Barkow


Guide to a male man

By Simon Round, May 6, 2016

For all the many books written in the past 40 years about what it means to be a woman, there have been comparatively few about the nature of masculinity. Some might even feel that a studied contemplation of what it means to be a man is itself unmanly.


Review: Shtum

By Madeleine Kingsley, May 4, 2016

By Jem Lester
Orion, £13.99

"Silence," wrote Euripides, "is true wisdom's best reply." But the best lies buried deep in Jem Lester's debut novel - about a boy, the profoundly autistic Jonah aged 10, and his flawed, beleaguered father, Ben Jewell .


Review: Within the Walls

By David Herman, May 4, 2016


Paving a feminist path

By Sipora Levy, May 4, 2016


Too dizzy for Dizzy

By Geoffrey Alderman, April 22, 2016


Review: Asylum

By Monica Porter, April 22, 2016


A memorial to my family's endurance

By Karen Millie-James, April 21, 2016

My first novel, The Shadows Behind Her Smile, has recently been published. I'm not a novelist but a successful businesswoman and, like others of my age, I am among the first generation of Jews who were not forced to survive against oppression and prejudice.


Memorable in the end

By Anne Garvey, April 15, 2016

Danny Scheinmann's The Half Life of Joshua Jones produced by John Mitchinson's Unbound imprimatur (£14.99) with a huge list of crowd-funding contributors, is the follow up to the author's best-selling Random Acts of Heroic Love, which, described by one reviewer as a five-star title, was translated into 21 languages.