Arts features

Churchill's 'maker'

By Julia Weiner, November 13, 2014

This week, Lady Aurelia Young, wife of former Chief Whip Sir George, gave the annual lecture of the Society of Portrait Sculptors, speaking about her father, the Jewish sculptor Oscar Nemon.


The Jewish Duchess of Downton Abbey

By Brigit Grant, November 6, 2014

For the 150 million viewers who watch Downton Abbey globally, the chance to have breakfast with the series director would feel like a Lottery win.


Some artistic differences, but a great deal to appreciate

By Sandy Rashty, October 7, 2014

Art appreciation is a subjective business. And so it proved at the London Jewish Cultural Centre's Art House exhibition, which drew more than 150 enthusiasts, artists and friends to LJCC's Golders Green premises for the announcement of the 2014 prize-winners.


Video night puts work in shop windows

By Julia Weiner, September 18, 2014

There is a major Jewish influence to Nuit Blanche Video, a 12-hour arts event starting in central London on Saturday night and involving shops, restaurants, galleries and even a private members' club.


Interview: Joan Rivers

By Brigit Grant, September 11, 2014

There are three great rules to celebrity interviewing. First, go through the cuttings files to see what has already been written; second, read their biography (or several); third, check the day's news for any change in status or circumstance.


Grand designs that shaped opinion

By Julia Weiner, September 4, 2014

Designer Abram Games, best known for his war posters and iconic illustrations for the London Underground, was posthumously honoured earlier this year when the Royal Mail chose him as one of 10 "Remarkable Lives" from those born in 1914 to appear on a stamp.


Getting to grips with the stars of theatre

By Simon Round, August 18, 2014

Michael Rudman does not fit the stereotype of the American Jewish director. He is not small and bespectacled and he is not from New York. Rudman is tall and his Texan accent is largely undiminished by more than half-a-century in the UK. And, as we chat in his Chelsea sitting room, it would certainly be easier to imagine him in a stetson than a kippah.


Interview: Lucy Pohl

By John Nathan, August 7, 2014

Ten in the morning might as well be the crack of dawn for most comics, given that they are notoriously late risers. But New Yorker Lucie Pohl has stirred herself from her bed to speak about her Edinburgh Festival debut.


Interview: Kay Mellor

By Simon Round, August 7, 2014

Kay Mellor has made her name writing TV shows which build tough themes into popular drama, from Band of Gold to Fat Friends and The Syndicate. However, one of the subjects closest to her heart is only just now being dramatised. In the Club - which started on BBC1 on Tuesday night - follows the experiences of a group of heavily pregnant women and their partners in the run-up to the births.


Artist helps survivors to draw on experiences

By Charlotte Oliver, July 31, 2014

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but student artist Gideon Summerfield might consider that estimate modest. Over 10 weeks last summer, Summerfield set himself the challenge of befriending members of Jewish Care's Holocaust Survivors Centre in Hendon and then getting their consent to sketch their portraits.