Haggadot get a comic twist

April 18, 2008

Israeli artists are re-imagining the ancient story using modern cartoon characters and graphic-novel techniques

Uri Fink and Zoya Cherkassky are part of a long list of highly talented Israeli artists who have set their hands to creating unusual haggadot. Russian-born, Tel Aviv-based and devoutly secular, Cherkassky was influenced by images by El Lissitsky, the Russian Constructivist movement and Bauhaus to create her edited version of a Haggadah.

Uri Fink, meanwhile, favoured more comic inspiration for his two, titled Following the secret of the Haggadah (1990) and The Haggadah of Zbeng (2002).

Following the secret of the Haggadah traces the adventures of a time-travelling, Bible-period private eye called Balshazar, and runs alongside the text of the Haggadah.

Zoya Cherkassky currently has a solo show at Rosenfeld Gallery, 147 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv

Last updated: 4:33pm, May 13 2008