TV review: Homeland

By Simon Round, October 11, 2012

Homeland, Channel 4

Carrie (Claire Danes), back in action as a CIA agent

Carrie (Claire Danes), back in action as a CIA agent

The multi-award winning American drama Homeland, based on Gideon Raff’s equally superb Israeli series Prisoners of War, has returned for a second series.

For those of us who have been left hanging since the end of the first series, the start of the new one has come as a considerable relief, with the chance to pick up again the stories of the suspected Al Qaeda mole Brodie Damian Lewis) and his would-be nemesis, bi polar CIA agent Carrie (Claire Danes).
The action was set in the aftermath of an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear reactors (Homeland ahead of real life in this respect).

Carrie, having been consigned to a mental institutional institution and pumped full of drugs after stalking Brodie, has been re-recruited by the CIA from her gardening leave (she was growing vegetables for a veggie lasagne), disguised and sent off to Beirut to track down an agent who will speak only to her.

The new series, a great deal of which was filmed on location in Israel promises just as compelling and enjoyable as the as the first – or will be, just as soon as I get used to Carrie with dark hair.

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