Perl: leaders are failing pupils

March 19, 2009

Educational philanthropist Benjamin Perl has accused the communal leadership of failing the needs of thousands of Jewish children.

Addressing a fundraiser for the Morasha Primary School in Finchley on Wednesday, Mr Perl urged anyone doubting the demand for more Jewish schools to consider the situation in Hertfordshire.

He said that around 250 of the 575 applications for places at Yavneh College, Borehamwood, for September 2009 were for pupils “studying at non-Jewish faith primary schools — Church of England and Catholic — and general secular schools.” Many private primary schools had a Jewish intake of 60 per cent or more.

“These figures, over the seven-year cycle of a primary school, represent 1,750 children who could have had a Jewish day school education had the facilities been available.” On this basis, six more Jewish primaries were needed in the area, he argued.

Mr Perl was amazed at the sums spent by community organisations on research into whether more schools were needed, “planting seeds of doubt with regard to this fundamental requirement for Jewish continuity. They are condemning literally thousands of Jewish children to a future of assimilation and intermarriage as a result of their own indifference.”

Last updated: 3:02pm, March 19 2009