Manny happy returns for novice daredevil

By JCReporter, December 10, 2008

First-time competitor Manny Cohen, 51, surprised everyone including himself when he finished ninth at the 2008-2009 British Bobsleigh Championships held at the challenging Cesana Pariol track in Italy.

The ex-Hasmonean pupil, who is chairman of the RM Group, joined top athletes including Dean Macey, Jason Gardner and Craig Maclean to compete against the GB Team.

The event, sponsored by The Times of My Life, saw first-time entrants learn to drive a bobsleigh in a Bobschool held prior to the event. Manny qualified for the championships after his first two runs from the top within eight days.

The achievement was no mean feat for Manny as the start of the track is at an altitude of 1,638 metres and drops a staggering 114 metres over the course of its 1,435 metre length and 19 bends.

Daredevil Cohen, who finished just under 15 seconds behind the winner, said: “The main target was to be alive and in one piece by the end and, as far as I am concerned, I have achieved that goal and coming ninth was a great bonus.”

Last updated: 6:05pm, March 24 2009