Greater appetite for simchah leftovers

By James Martin, March 26, 2009

A charity which distributes left-overs from simchahs to needy families in the Stamford Hill Charedi community is reporting unprecedented demand because of the credit crunch.

Hamasbia founder Hindy Biberfeld explained that while hosts remained happy to donate unused food, the charity was receiving many more requests as a result of increased unemployment. Many parents were struggling to feed their families.

“We spend quite a bit of money packaging the food as we want our beneficiaries to feel they are getting something very special,” Mrs Biberfeld said. “We sometimes send it by taxi because people are sensitive about being seen receiving a parcel from volunteers.”

The charity’s 30 helpers send out 60 dinners a day to 12 families. The food is worth an estimated £500. The 40 families on Hamasbia’s list include “four or five” new additions.

It is receiving support from Interlink — the umbrella organisation for the Charedi voluntary sector — towards its £200 weekly running costs.

Last updated: 2:34pm, March 26 2009