Crohn’s challenger

May 7, 2009

A 40-year-old Crohn’s disease sufferer from Radlett is getting on his bike in America to raise money for and awareness of Crohn’s.

Frustrated by the lack of knowledge about the inflammatory bowel disease, Michael Seres will take part in a 210-mile cycle around the Hudson River in New York.

Mr Seres was disgnosed early in life and has undergone 21 operations in 30 years, including the removal of a large part of his intestine. But he has been given the green light by doctors for the 70-mile-day challenge next month.

“Crohn’s is a difficult and humiliating illness,” he said. “Most people are diagnosed in their early teens, at a time when everything about you is changing. Living with it can seriously affect a person’s self-esteem.”

“I try to talk to teenagers [with Crohn’s], giving them tips on how to tell their friends and how to cope.”

Last updated: 2:14pm, May 7 2009