Muslim banker to back Laniado dinner

By Jonathan Kalmus, November 16, 2012

An Iranian Muslim banker is a key backer of a London dinner being held this weekend in aid of an Israeli hospital.

Mort Mirghsvameddin, CEO of the UK arm of a Middle Eastern bank, is a fundraising committee member for Laniado UK.

He said Netanya’s Laniado Hospital “bridges the gap between Muslims and Jews” and wants to reverse declining financial support from the UK.

Tehran-born Mr Mirghsvameddin, 46, explained that a banking colleague had asked him to get involved. “He said, ‘it is a hospital in Israel.’ I said: ‘Are you mad, asking an Iranian Muslim to help a charity in Israel?’

“But I heard that half the doctors are Muslim and half are Jewish and they treat anyone who walks though door.
What we have to do, whether Jewish or Muslim, is bridge the divide between us somehow.
“Humanitarian education, sports and arts are a much better way to achieve this goal.”

Mr Mirghsvameddin will be hosting a table at the dinner at Shakespeare’s Globe.

Last updated: 11:43am, November 16 2012