Chief Rabbi's prayer for Munich victims

July 19, 2012

The full text of the memorial prayer composed by the Chief rabbi to mark th 40th anniversary of the Munich massacre.

Almighty God:

We, the members of this holy congregation,

Together with members of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth,

Join our prayers to the prayers of others throughout the world,

In remembrance of the eleven Israeli athletes

Brutally murdered in an act of terrorism,

At the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich,

Because they were Israelis,

Because they were Jews.

At this time in the Jewish year,

When we remember the destructions of our holy Temples,

And the many tragedies that have befallen our people throughout history,

We mourn their loss

And continue to protest against those who hate our people.

We pray to You, O God:

Comfort the families and friends of the Israeli athletes who continue to grieve

And grant eternal life to those so cruelly robbed of life on earth.

Just as we are united in grief,

Help us stay united in hope.

As we comfort one another under the shadow of death,

Help us strengthen one another in honouring life.

The Olympic message is one of peace, of harmony and of unity,

Teach us, Almighty God, to bring reconciliation and respect between faiths,

As we pray for the peace of Israel,

And for the peace of the world.

May this be Your will and let us say: Amen

אֲדוֹן הָעוֹלָמִים זְכוֹר אֶת נִשְמוֹת

דוד ברגר (David Berger)

יוסף גוטפרוינד (Yossef Gutfreund)

משה ויינברג (Moshe Weinberg)

אליעזר חלפין (Eliezer Halfin)

מרק סלבין (Mark Slavin)

יוסף רומנו (Yossef Romano)

קהת שור (Kehat Shorr)

אנדרי שפיצר (Andre Spitzer)

עמיצור שפירא (Amitzur Shapira)

יעקב שפּרינגר (Yakov Springer)

זאב פרידמן (Ze'ev Friedman)

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