Crunchy pistachio and wasabi salmon

By Lisa Roukin, January 16, 2014
Photo: Lauren Marsh

Photo: Lauren Marsh

This delicious and colourful way of preparing salmon makes a healthy meal when paired with my Asian cucumber salad — below.

Serves: 4
Preparation: 10 minutes
Cooking: 16-20 minutes

4 salmon fillets, approximately 150g each (with skin)
1 tsp sesame oil
1 dsp sunflower oil
1 dsp mayonnaise
¼ tsp wasabi powder/paste
40g crushed pistachios
Sea salt
Cracked black pepper
Light fry spray


Heat the oven to 200°C.

In a large non-stick frying pan, heat the oils and place the salmon fillets in the pan flesh side down for 20 seconds.

Cook the salmon, skin down for 3 minutes over medium high heat.

Season once cooled.

Mix mayonnaise with wasabi powder or paste.

Place the fillets on a greased baking tray, or if your frying pan is ovenproof, use that.

Spread the mayonnaise mixture evenly over the flesh side of each fillet then press the crushed pistachios on top — covering them completely.

Bake until the salmon is cooked through and the nuts are golden brown, about 14-16 minutes or up to 20 minutes for well cooked.

Asian Cucumber Salad

Serves: 4
Preparation: 10 minutes

1 large cucumber (peeled, if desired, halved and sliced)
1 tbsp rice vinegar
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp honey
Dash sesame oil
Garlic chili paste,
Toasted sesame seeds


Place prepared cucumber in a mixing bowl.

In a separate bowl combine remaining ingredients and pour over the cucumbers.

Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and stir well. Serve cold.

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