Bakery closed after hygiene inspection

By Anna Sheinman, July 4, 2013

A kosher bakery reopened on Thursday after being temporarily shut down by the local council due to claims of a “significant infestation of cockroaches” during a routine hygiene inspection.

Sharon’s Bakery, in Stamford Hill, was served with a hygiene emergency prohibition notice last Wednesday by Hackney Council following the inspection, and a notice telling customers was posted in the shop window.

A spokesperson for the council said: “Cockroaches were found in a number of areas of the premises where food was stored or prepared.”

She added: “The council has provided the business with a list of requirements to assist with the removal of the health risk condition and the premises will remain closed until we are satisfied it is safe to reopen.”

Cockroaches were found in a number of areas of the premises.

Cockroaches were found in a number of areas of the premises

Sharon’s Bakery has been required to carry out construction and repairs as well as a deep clean and must put in place a “comprehensive pest eradication plan”.

The bakery’s manager, Ben Nassim, said: “They found a minor problem in an unused area”.

He insisted that the closure was voluntary.

Ita Symons, chief executive of Agudas Israel, a local housing association, and a regular customer at Sharon’s, said the council’s action would not stop her shopping there when the shop reopened.

Sharon’s, at 182–184 Stamford Hill has had a food hygiene rating of zero since its last inspection in January.

Hackney Council lists its food hygiene and safety as “poor”, its structural compliance as “bad” and the council’s confidence in the bakery’s management as “little”.

Last updated: 4:48pm, July 5 2013