Gamla Brut

February 6, 2013

A bright, zesty, and versatile sparkling wine, with an authentic Champagne flavour

The Grape Varietals: 50% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir

Character: A true Champagne-style sparkling wine, the Gamla Brut is crisp and clean, and has bright yet delicate aromas of orange blossoms and hints of tropical fruit and fresh flowers. Scrupulously following the traditional French methods, the wine is made with two of the three grape varietals permitted in Champagne, and the wine ferments two times, the second inside the bottles with the addition of sugar and yeast. The wine ferments and ages on the yeast (sur lies) for at least one year in the bottle, and the resulting gas bubbles remain trapped inside, with the yeast providing added layers of flavor.

Food pairings: “When we have guests nothing adds more of a wow factor than opening a bottle of Gamla Brut. The children can barely contain their excitement to see the cork pop off and the bubbles overflow into our crystal flutes that we reserve for special occasions. We normally serve the Brut with baked salmon, stir-fried green beans with slivered almond, and herbed rice pilaf but it also goes perfectly with a fruity parev desert." Tzvika Reish, Wine Steward and Educator

Gamla Brut is an excellent choice for an aperitif or to serve with appetizers, and it pairs well with fish dishes like cod and especially sushi. It is famously delicious when accompanied by fruit-based desserts such as fresh strawberries, apple tart, or plum pudding. Always serve very cold.

Last updated: 11:12am, March 15 2013